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The microscope is an instrument that aids in viewing objects that can’t be seen by the naked eye alone because of their small size. The science of observing really small objects using the microscope is called microscopy. When you call something microscopic, it means the object is not visible to the eye unless a microscope is used.

Microscopes can have an optical design, which utilizes light to deliver a visible and bigger image of the sample. Electron microscopes include scanning electron and transmission electron models. There are also ultra microscopes and various types of scanning probe microscopes.

If your child shows an interest in microscopy, or the study of tiny objects using a microscope, it is best to invest in some books about microscopes for children. This way, you wouldn’t need to memorize a bunch of names for the various parts of the instrument since your child can be guided with illustrations and explanations about this type of device. You can even read the book with your child in case they have difficulty understanding or reading some technical terms in the book.

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These are my favorite children’s books on microscopes:


The Microscope Book was made available on Amazon in paperback on June 30, 1997, written by Shar Levine and Leslie Johnstone, with illustrations by David Sovka. Best for children from 10 years and older, this provides an excellent introduction to the world of microscopy. It outlines the various types of microscopes and provides a physical description of the parts of the instrument.

It provides instructions on how to focus the optical system and of how to keep a journal for microscopy projects. The project materials are easily available. There are countless simple experiments provided for the young learner. We have this book in the school library’s Science section so I encourage my students to borrow it when they get the chance.


Written by Richard Headstrom, an experienced natural science writer and teacher, Adventures with a Microscope in paperback was released through Amazon on June 1, 1977. Get your child a simple microscope and this book, and you surely will be left alone to do work for a long time. With 59 wonderful adventures to explore the natural world, this book keeps your young scientist occupied so you can be left in peace.

Your child will delight in the various discoveries to be made on the interesting structures of a variety of microscopic organisms as well as everyday foods and objects that can be observed under the fine lens of a microscope, for endless possibilities.

Our school library also has the library bound version of Janice VanCleave’s Microscopes and Magnifying Lenses: Mind-boggling Chemistry and Biology Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects, 1st Edition. The author ensured this to be nicely put together to sustain the interest of the young reader.

Focusing on the use of a microscope for school science projects, this is ideal for students ages 9 through 12 years old. The softcover version has 112 pages in all.


Those are just some of the books worth investing in if you want to encourage your child to make the most of microscopy and an exciting new microscope. Any one of them should provide the complete science experience for your budding scientist.

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